Rust Check International is Canada's #1  rust control Organization that was established in 1972 and now has over 270 centers world wide

Environment friendly

Some fact in this regards are follows:
• Rust Check and Coat & Protect are not classified as toxic or flammable, and therefore are not controlled products under the Federal Government's Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS). WHMIS is designed to inform and protect workers.
•In contrast, many commonly used products such as engine degreasers, brake parts cleaners, and varsol are classified as toxic and flammable under WHMIS criteria.
•The main ingredients in Rust Check products are highly refined (Purified) mineral oils. These oils are similar to those used in personal care products such as medicinal mineral oils, baby oils, and cosmetics.
•The Rust Check Application Process will not contaminate the shop air with harmful or flammable vapors: Neither Rust Check nor Coat & Protect contain VOC's (volatile organic compounds), commonly referred to as "solvents". When VOC's evaporate, they become detrimental to air quality, and become health and flammability hazards. Please note that the VOC content of many common "rustproofing" products, for example, new car dealership "undercoatings", can be 50% or more.
•Rust Check and Coat & Protect do not contain heavy metals such as barium or lead.
•Rust Check and Coat & Protect are exempt from Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Regulations